Infrared Thermography for Building Envelope Inspections/Surveys

Infrared is a useful tool to detect areas of energy loss in buildings

The building envelope is a critical component of any commercial or industrial facility because it plays a major role in regulating the indoor environment and, of course, protecting the building occupants from weather and climate.

It consists of structural materials and finishes that separate the inside from the outside including foundation, windows, walls, doors and roofs. Repairs and maintenance of any building can place a very large burden on the owner especially if the building envelope was poorly constructed, included substandard materials, or had not been properly maintained.

Unleash the power of infrared to identify and assess problem areas

Infrared thermography is a powerful quality control and forensic tool for assessing air leakage and moisture problems in buildings.

As such, it has been highly effective in:

  • Building Energy Loss
  • Moisture Surveys
  • Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS)
  • Concrete Masonry Units (CMU)
  • Quality Assurance
  • and more …
Using infrared, you would be able to 'see' areas of moisture intrusion and air leakage

Taking a systematic approach in building inspections/surveys

At Infrared Predictive Surveys, Inc., we take a systematic approach to properly detect and evaluate wet areas and/or damaged wall components on buildings. Our Certified Thermographers combine visual inspections with use high quality, high resolution thermal imaging cameras to provide superior imaging quality and accurate evaluation of your thermal situation.

We videotape the overall area to be scanned and capture areas of interest as single IR photographs. When the inspection has been completed, we provide the video on DVD or CD and include it with our report of observations and findings.